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Sponsored Athlete

Fueled By H&I Nutrition

Evan McGauvran

NPC Physique Competitor
ILL-EGO Culture Brands Sponsored Athlete (Metroflex/H&I/BroTank Co.)

I began my journey with H&I Nutrition when I signed up at MetroFlex Fargo at the beginning of 2016. I was nervous joining, as I heard it was a more intense gym for ‘serious’ people and I didn’t think of myself as a ‘serious’ person as I had only been lifting for a couple of years at that point. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized just how friendly and helpful everyone was, and it was then that I learned a lot about fitness, nutrition, supplements, and overall health.

In early 2017 I competed in two bodybuilding shows in the Men’s Physique category. It was an incredible experience that tested me, and I loved the experience. I missed the top 5 in each show; however, it was then that I developed the mindset that you really can reach your fitness goals no matter what your situation is, or your level of knowledge may be. I can’t believe how many different people I met in that journey that had different backgrounds or life experiences, people that ‘didn’t have the time to work out’ yet still made the time or people that didn’t understand much about nutrition, however, took the initiative to find somebody that could help them.

Fitness and nutrition have become a critical aspect of my life, as well as maintaining those key components for the future.

Creating a right balance of life and health doesn’t have to be complicated. Competitions may come and go; however, our long-term health and functionality are much more important. A lot of my guidance has been from the leadership as H&I Nutrition and MetroFlex Fargo. With goals of improving myself a little each day, I hope to compete again with the right mindset and a better overall package.

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