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Josh Saunders

NPC Classic Physique Competitor
ILL-EGO Culture Brands Sponsored Athlete (Metroflex/H&I/BroTank Co.)


Joshua Saunders: Classic Physique

Height: 5’6

Weight Class: 175lbs

Off-Season Weight: 200lbs

Competitive bodybuilding started as weight training for high school hockey. From that point forward, it became a way of life. From eating healthy to dieting, weight training to competitive lifting I slowly transformed into the Classic Physique competitor I am today. Metroflex Gym Fargo became a second home to me along with many other athletes who share the same great passion in the sport of Bodybuilding. I first started competing in 2016 winning my class for my first two shows. I still have the same long-term goal which is to obtain my IFBB Pro Card in Classic Physique. My hobbies outside of the gym include hunting, fishing, barefoot-skiing, snowmobiling, and anything else outdoors.

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