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Maddie Cummins

ILL-EGO Culture brands Pro Sponsored athlete (Metroflex/H&I)

IFBB Figure Pro Madison Cummins My bodybuilding journey started when I was a freshman in college. I had just come from playing sports 24/7 in high school, to now, nothing. I had no idea what to do with all of my free time so I became a cardio bunny. Around this time, I had started following a lot of bikini and figure athletes on Instagram and could only dream to look like that someday. 

I met my first coaches, that happened to be family friends, at a wedding one weekend and discussed with them my goal of competing someday.


By that next week I was meeting with them and signing up to start working with them towards my first competition! I have done 4 shows since then, placing top 2 in all of them, and I recently received my pro card at Jr Nationals in Chicago. I love everything health and fitness, not just bodybuilding and competing. My goal is to coach and educate as many people as I can to follow their dreams and become their best self.

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