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Team Ambassador


Sheldon Welch

ILL-EGO Culture Brands Ambassador (H&I)

Hello, I’m Sheldon Welch and I’m a 49 year old life time athlete.


I was a multisport athlete as a kid and learned hard work and discipline from taking part athletics.


Approximately 6 months out of high school two major events shaped my health in a positive life long effort.  My father had his first heart surgery at 47 and shortly after I left for Marine boot camp.


While in the Marines they taught me how to be mentally tough along with other positive aspects in life and one of those important lessons was to lead be example everyday no matter what you do with your life.

My other goal was not to have the health issues of my father who still to this day has had many health related issues from poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking and drinking.  I’m happy to say I made it to 47 and beyond with zero health problems.  I always get a good chuckle out of the nurse at my physical every year with my outstanding blood work and blood pressure etc.

I have continued to walk the path of leading by example everyday.  My health and fitness being one.  50 is creeping up quick and I can truly say it is a number.  Inside and out I feel young and positive about life.  In law enforcement it is key for my to be in my best health and my fitness reduces stress and is vital to me surviving a job that could hurt or kill me at any moment. 


The greatest part now in my fitness life is being able to watch Jessica thrive with her health and all its challenges and to see her succeed in such an amazing way.  I’m the support element for her as all teams need a good support element.


H&I Nutrition is our support element and we have loved being a part of their family and appreciate their support.

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