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ILL-EGO Culture Brands Ambassador

My name is Tyler Gylland. I am 36 years old and a day one member of Metroflex Gym Fargo. My wife Kayla and I have 2 children, Bryce (9) and Chloe (6). I am the owner of TylersCut Tree Service, which has been in operation since 2012.

I have been weight training since I was 14 and have had many learning experiences over the last 22 years within the fitness industry. I competed as a bodybuilder for the first time at the 2004 NPC Upper Midwest as a 174 pound middleweight. I won my class, which was very rewarding, yet humbling. I continued training and growing, but my focus transitioned to family and career. I returned to the stage again in 2013 and competed in 5 shows throughout the following 3 years. I competed as a bodybuilder, but also in Men’s Physique, and most recently in Classic Physique. I admire and enjoy watching others go through the process while preparing for a show. Being that I have been there and done that, if I see an opportunity to help others out, I am happy to share advice and constructive criticism.

It has been exciting to see more and more opportunities for people to be able to grow and become more involved in this industry.

It’s not an easy lifestyle, but it is very rewarding and equally respected by all of us that live it every day. I look forward to competing again, and for those that are just getting started, consider these thoughts:
-Train hard, but train smart.
-If you want to compete and have the opportunity, take it.
-Be proud in embracing this lifestyle, but remember, there are a lot of good people in this world that don’t train hard and eat clean everyday. Be there as a resource for them and show respect.


  • 2004 NPC Upper Midwest Fargo – 1st Place Middleweight Bodybuilding
  • 2013 NPC Upper Midwest Fargo – 2nd Place Light heavyweight Bodybuilding
  • 2015 NPC Upper Midwest Fargo – 1st Place Men’s Physique
    • 5th Place Light heavyweight Bodybuilding
  • 2015 Gopher State Minneapolis – 2nd Place Men’s Physique
  • 2016 NPC Upper Midwest Fargo – 1st Place and Overall Classic Physique
  • 2016 Battle of the Falls Sioux Falls- 2nd Place Classic Physique

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