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Everyone in the bodybuilding community is searching for the perfect routine. A routine that will provide the most significant gains and is far superior to what anyone else in the gym is doing.  The fact is, some methods are better than others.  However, it’s the principles behind the routine and the consistency of its implementation that will attribute to muscle growth.

Are you an athlete such as a powerlifter, or training for aesthetics such as a bodybuilder or physique competitor? This will determine the fundamental principles for which your regime is built upon.

Determine the following items to put your plan together:

  • The number of days you will train per week.
  • The number of times each muscle group will get trained per week.
  • Prioritize lagging muscle groups.
  • Don’t train chest on Monday.
  • Develop a strategy in which your muscles are not tired from the previous days lift. Keep a day between Chest and Shoulders, Back and Legs, and don’t train triceps before a chest or shoulder pressing day.
  • Research periodization training, know your volume, increase your strength, experiment with rest-pause, drop sets, supersets, tri-sets, and quad sets (oh my).

Tyler Gylland

My name is Tyler Gylland. I am 36 years old and a day one member of Metroflex Gym Fargo. My wife Kayla and I have 2 children, Bryce (9) and Chloe (6). I am the owner of TylersCut Tree Service, which has been in operation since 2012.