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It happens every spring, we all see those articles on getting the abs of your dreams for the summer. Topics of discussion include; abdominal exercises, fat burning and weight loss supplements, the latest workout series that will get those abs flat, trim, rock hard, chiseled, shredded, you get the picture.

Now that we are approaching the end of summer, we might as well go into a bulking phase and forget any high hopes in obtaining that cover like mid-section, after all, the holidays are just around the corner and it would just be so much easier to “relax” and try again next year. This is the problem, fitness is a lifestyle, not seasonal fasting only to be followed by a cold winter binge. Center your focus on daily habits of good decision making.

Fitness and healthy well-being should be the objective. The muscle definition will simply be a positive product of your healthy choices.

Making abs a year-long project

Now getting back to the abs. To make the abs visible, we need to reduce fat. The battle against fat is won with an arsenal of three. Our first weapon to eliminate fat is nutrition. I could write a book on nutrition, so let’s focus on keeping simple sugars and alcohol consumption as low as possible, consume a moderate level of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, and keep the lean protein and green vegetable intake high.

Our second ally is cardiovascular activity. Doing work to elevate our heart rate on a regular basis will assist in burning energy and increase our metabolism to decrease the fat we carry.

In addition to nutrition and cardio, weight training will help build muscle. The more muscle we carry, the more energy our body will take from the food we eat to maintain and fuel that muscle. In turn, our body fat will have less to feed on and as a result, it will starve out and shrink.

As we conclude this chase on the abs of our dreams, keep these thoughts in mind.

  • The physique you desire should be for you and not be to impress someone else.
  • You can still be fit and healthy without having a 6 pack.
  • Very few people have chiseled abs year round.

Tyler Gylland

My name is Tyler Gylland. I am 36 years old and a day one member of Metroflex Gym Fargo. My wife Kayla and I have 2 children, Bryce (9) and Chloe (6). I am the owner of TylersCut Tree Service, which has been in operation since 2012.