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Is it “Motivation Monday?” There is a one in seven chance it is, but success isn’t possible if you’re only motivated once a week. We need to create a winning mindset, plan our strategy, follow through by completing one task at a time and keep doing that. You can be inspired by all those fit bodies you see throughout social media. However, when it comes down to walking the walk, it’s your feet that need to move.

Other people are just that, whether you are fit, fat, rich, poor, lazy, or motivated, those other people will continue doing their thing and you’ll do yours.  If you want to win, if you’re going to reach your goals, to achieve success, you need to do it for you and do it because of you, not because of someone else. When your alarm goes off at 5 AM, YOU need to get up. When you’re only 10 min into cardio, and you feel like you’re going to die, YOU need to keep going. When you’re at a social event, and everyone is drinking or feasting, YOU need to make good choices.

When you’re craving a pizza or ice cream, YOU need to remain strong. If you don’t do it for YOU, there’s no sense to it all.  Excuses won’t bring you to the finish line. Nor will self-pity, or regrets on past failures. Venture forward and work to win.  We must remain persistent, stay consistent, and be stubborn as hell to jump the hurdles of challenge that life throws at us.

Tyler Gylland

My name is Tyler Gylland. I am 36 years old and a day one member of Metroflex Gym Fargo. My wife Kayla and I have 2 children, Bryce (9) and Chloe (6). I am the owner of TylersCut Tree Service, which has been in operation since 2012.