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Ya know that awful feeling you get after drinking all those sugary energy drinks? Well forget it. There’s a new way for gamers to stay awake, alert, and focused during long gaming sessions.

Meet Big Game Energy Drink: 150 mg of natural caffeine-as well as game-changers the other guys haven’t heard of: AlphaSize GPC, nooLVL® & Huperzine-A to boost your brain.* Vitamin B12 for long-lasting energy.* And of course, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine to help boost cognition and alertness under stress.*

Big Game Energy Drink does what any gaming energy drink should do: It delivers clean energy, improved focus, hydration and aspects like reaction times and in game decision making.* 

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It turns out Bucked Up’s foray into the fast-growing world of gaming supplements doesn’t stop at the Big Game Energy powder product now available at The Vitamin Shoppe. The sports nutrition company known for supplements like the self-titled pre-workout Bucked Up and the protein powder Buck Feed, also has a Big Game Energy drink. The ingredients and dosages in the beverage are not identical, but they are similar.

NooLVL-backed formula

Bucked Up doesn’t have a transparent label for the Big Game Energy drink like it does the Big Game Energy supplement, although it does have an ingredient list, hence why we can say the formula is similar to the powder. The components carried over for the beverage include unlisted amounts of taurine, the premium and proven gaming ingredient NooLVL, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and alpha-GPC, although the drink has AlphaSize branded alpha-GPC.

There are some ingredients in the Big Game Energy drink you won’t find in Bucked Up’s supplement variant, including the vision and eye health-supporting lutein and zeaxanthin, and a lighter amount of caffeine. While the Big Game Energy powder has a high-powered 300mg per serving, Bucked Up cuts it in half for the beverage, taking it down to a moderate and our preferred range for outside of the gym energy at 150mg.

Zero calorie flavors

There are three flavors of the Big Game Energy drink, and they’re identical to the menu of the Bucked Up gaming powder supplement in Sour Gummy, Cotton Candy, and Peach Passion. For those that like their energy drinks clean with non-existent nutrition, you’ll be pleased to know the Big Game Energy beverage does indeed take that route having absolutely no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories in an entire can.


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