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Hello, my name is Cody Mauch and this month I will be taking you through one of my back work out routines: two exercises for upper lats, two for lower lats, and two for middle back. This whole month I am training as heavy as possible but with great form, and slow and controlled repetitions.

The main focus is to feel each and every rep, completing 3-4 sets of each exercise with 6-8 reps.  If you have a training partner or someone to help you, try to do 2 reps of forced reps or assisted reps when you are about to fail.  For example, I will pick a weight where I will fail around 6-8 reps, and if I fail at the 8th rep my partner will assist me with 2 more reps. I will do that with 2 exercises.

Upper Lat Back Workout

My first exercise to target the upper lat is a wide grip lat pulldown. I will start out with lightweight and do 3 sets of a warm up with 15-20 reps each set. After I feel that I am warmed up I will start my first working set with a weight I feel like I am comfortable getting to 8 reps with. Then on the 8th rep, my training partner will help me do two additional reps.

If I can do more than 8 reps on the set I will continue until I fail. When you pull down on the bar you want to squeeze your lats as hard as you can on the bottom of the rep and try to pull the bar down to your chin or your upper chest. Focus on your lats the whole exercise as mind to muscle connection is key.

The next exercise for upper lat is a narrow grip lat pull-down. Keep your hands around shoulder width apart and pull down with your lats keeping that mind/muscle connection. Again, try to go as heavy as possible with great form and your lats will be full of blood and feel on fire.

Lower Lat Back Workout

My first exercise targeting the lower lat is the incline bench dumbbell pullback. If you have not done this exercise before I suggest using lighter dumbbells to really get a feel for the movement. Lay on the bench where you feel comfortable and let your arm hang completely straight, then pull the dumbbells up towards your lower back and squeeze your lower lats at the top of the rep.

The next exercise for lower lat is smith machine row. Your grip will be your palms facing out, your knees should be slightly bent, and bend over as far as you can but keep your back straight. Bring the bar up as close as you can to your body and squeeze your lower lats. Let the bar come all the way down to stretch your whole back out.

The first middle back exercise will be standing t-bar row. Like the smith machine row, you will want to keep your knees bent and bend over as far as you can keeping your back straight. Use the middle grip for this exercise. Pull the bar as slowly as you can with as much weight as you can, just make sure you keep your chest up and your back straight.

Middle Lat Back Workout

The last exercise for the middle back will be the seated row using the middle grip. This is one of my favorite exercises to do for the mid back because I can feel it the most after I am done.  Keep the chest pad as far away as you can to maximize the amount of stretch you get after you pull.  Pull the weight as far up as you can and pause for a second at the top of the rep and slowly come down until your entire back is stretched out.

Again, the main focus when lifting heavy is maintaining proper form with the heaviest weight you can, but do not be afraid to drop weight. It’s all about stimulating the muscle and pump it with as much blood as you can putting a heavy load on it. Keep your rest periods to 45-60 seconds between each set!

Cody Mauch

My name is Cody Mauch; I am from Wahpeton, North Dakota now living in Fargo with my wife, Kate Mauch. I first began my bodybuilding journey when I was 17 years old. This massive English teacher that moved from Alaska was also a Freshman football coach and would monitor the weight room when we were in there.