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Conjugated Linoleic Acid, more commonly referred to as CLA, is a naturally occurring, healthy, omega-6 fatty acid that is found in limited amounts in dairy and meat. Getting an appropriate amount through whole foods can be difficult, so supplementation becomes necessary in many cases to get an efficacious dose each day since the body can not produce CLA on its own.

1st Phorm’s CLA was formulated with the full research-studied amount because the typical daily intake for the average American has been reported to be just 181 milligrams when studies have shown that a daily dose of at least 3,000 milligrams is needed to fully produce the many positive effects that CLA can provide. Research has shown that supplementing with the proper amount of CLA can support weight loss and have a positive impact on body composition by reducing total body fat, as well as increasing lean muscle growth.

CLA has also been shown in studies to help the body repartition calories and inhibit fat from being processed and delivered to adipose tissue,preventing fat cells from growing. Beyond that,it can aid in recovery from training and support lean muscle development because of the anti-catabolic and immune boosting properties of CLA. With consistent use over time, there are additional benefits of supplementing with CLA that have been shown, such as helping maintain healthy cholesterol levels and decreasing hunger by creating a sensation of feeling full.

1st Phorm’s CLA is stimulant free, so you can use it in combination with stimulant-based fat loss products, or it can be taken on its own to generate more substantial fat loss and body composition results.*
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