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Your gastro-intestinal tract (GI) is central for your good health – it digests your food and nourishes your entire body. Sadly, your GI tract is usually forgotten about or ignored - until it becomes toxic and diseased. Stress and pollution cause toxins and fecal matter to build inside of your GI tract, narrowing your GI passages. Shockingly, the average person has between 4 and 20 lbs of accumulated fecal matter – toxic fecal waste – collected in their GI tract.  This toxic fecal waste causes serious problems – including bloating, fast aging, GI damage and disease.

DETOX AND CLEANSE by Optimum Health is the doctor-recommended, scientific solution for detoxifying and cleansing your GI tract. DETOX AND CLEANSE contains a Proprietary Detoxifying Formula and a Proprietary Colon Cleansing Formula made from natural herbs that instantly and powerfully detoxify and cleanse your GI tract, eradicating harmful toxins and flushing out accumulated fecal matter. DETOX AND CLEANSE is safe, easy to use and doctor recommended. Whether you’re active or sedentary, young or mature, DETOX AND CLEANSE detoxifies, cleanses and rejuvenates your entire body – giving you a better body shape, better body tone and better overall health.

DETOX AND CLEANSE powerfully detoxifies and cleanses your system and produces these immediately visible results:
• Weight Loss                                     
• Improves Skins Appearance          
• Promotes Regularity                       
• Flattening of the Waistline
• Increases Energy Levels
• Enhances The Immune System

If you want to lose weight, have a firm, tight waistline, enjoy better skin, and experience more energy and better overall health, rejuvenate your body TODAY with DETOX AND CLEANSE!
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