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Is it “Motivation Monday?” There is a one in seven chance it is, but success isn’t possible if you’re only motivated once a week. We need to create a winning mindset, plan our strategy, follow through by completing one task at a time and keep doing that....

Importance of Sleep

Sleep is the most effective recovery tool that our bodies can use. Both our physical and mental health is dependent on rest. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is a sure way to being successful both inside and outside the gym. We all have heard that it is...
Finding Inner Strength - Kayla Forcier Blog Post - Health and Wellness - H&I Nutrition

Finding {Inner} Strength

Lifting weights has become increasingly “trendier” with the rise in gender equality roles, social media, and more health awareness. Everyone lifts for different reasons: to lose weight, to train for a sport, to relieve stress, for enjoyment, the list is endless....

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