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Team Ambassadors

All ‘TEAM H&I’ Ambassadors are part of the ILL-EGO Culture Brands family and used across all brands as they fit.  The Culture Brands currently consist of, Metroflex Gym-Fargo, H&I Nutrition and Alpha Kitchen. As we grow our online presence we will look to more key ambassadors and sponsorships to help build our brand in new demographics across the United States.

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Public events are held by H&I Nutrition and/or our affiliates. We participate and sponsor all types of events such as marathons, bodybuilding competitions to sporting events, games and more.

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H&I Nutrition


H&I stands for HonestY & Integrity, two principals our company is founded on.

We believe in the importance of supplement use for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and empowering people by providing a wide array of the necessity of supplementation you need.