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Have you ever found yourself in any of the following patterns?   Wanting to be perfect with nutrition Never missing a workout Staying away from social events Never having a slice of the cake   Contrary to what you may have heard, none of the above reflects...

This Go To Back Workout Routine

Hello, my name is Cody Mauch and this month I will be taking you through one of my back work out routines: two exercises for upper lats, two for lower lats, and two for middle back. This whole month I am training as heavy as possible but with great form, and slow and...


Is it “Motivation Monday?” There is a one in seven chance it is, but success isn't possible if you're only motivated once a week. We need to create a winning mindset, plan our strategy, follow through by completing one task at a time and keep doing that. You can be...
To drink or not to drink

To drink or not to drink

Many people that like to drink also like to exercise. Many people that enjoy exercise also want to drink. If you enjoy an accessional drink, and you are happy with your current level of fitness, then I wouldn’t recommend changing anything, and kudos to you. If you...

Can You do Another?

Can You do Another?

Question: When is your set complete? Answer: When I complete my reps. Question: How many reps do you do? Answer: 10-12. This type of dialogue is fine if your weight training workouts are intended for you to get out and move around.  Moving is good, it keeps us limber,...

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